Dracaena Reflexa 
Whether it is landscape or home, Dracaena reflexa is a very popular plant. The most attractive thing about the Dracaena reflexa is its green leaves as it keeps coming up and down like a round flower which looks very beautiful as an outdoor plantDrac​aena reflexa can be up to 4 to 5 meters and up to 6 meters in ideal condition. Dracaena reflex is may be born from ,Madasgar, Maturitius  and Indian ocean other nearest islands of them . Dracaena reflexa word comes from Greek word “femal​e dragon” because of its resin like red gum.  Dracaena reflexa also known as “Song of Jamaica  or Song of India” which is very popular Ornamental plant is known for its dark green color and its thick stems and also because of its staying green every time. Dracaena Reflexa is seen growing in many ways its bushy plant is very famous nowadays and, its straight chain, staggered chain, tree form, and custom character are all as famous as bushy one. Dracaena Reflexa can be grown anywhere in the shade, but this plant cannot live in winter frost and nor in direct sun. This plant is also very useful for air purification, which helps in removing formaldehyde, xylene and trichlorethylene from the air.

Dracaena reflexa Care 
Dracaena reflexa is an easy to grow and maintain plant If you know how to take care of it then.

Dracaena reflexa cannot live in harsh sunlight, it is an indoor plant, it should be kept away from direct sun, it is okay to take it to deem sunlight.

Dracaena reflexa requires less water than any other indoor plants. There should be little water in its roots and silt, but not enough to be aware that there must be a good drainage system in the pot, otherwise the roots may get damaged of Dracaena reflexa. If the leaves are turning yellow, then you should also check the drainage system once as excessive water can cause yellowing. If the leaves are turning yellow and rooting from the bottom, then it can also happen naturally maybe new leaves are coming. 

Dracaena reflexa does not like much humidity as it cannot tolerate rainforest. It can stay up to 65 to 78 degrees during the day and up to 10 degrees less at night but a temperature lower than that can damage the plant. You should keep in mind that the plant should never be kept near heating and cooling equipment. 

Dracaena reflexa should be kept away from the reach of animals such as cats or dogs as it can harm themIf they eat this plant or its leaves, then they can have problems like excess Saliva, Vomiting and Lack of Appetite. If you are a pet owner, then you should plant this plant wisely. 

Pests and Problems
Dracaena reflexa mostly stays away from the danger of Insect but as a plant owner, you have to protect your plant from mealybugs, spider mites, and scale. Both mealybugs and scale can both be eliminated by insecticide which contains pyrethrin.