14 Tips for the Beginners of garden 
Whether there is a desire to decorate the house or the desire to explore your creativity or there is a desire for some excitement filled with physical impermanence all these desire pull you towards gardening. As we all know that nature has a huge impact on our life, whether it is a matter of reducing pollution or it is a matter of healthy living.

1.Before proceeding or starting gardening, we have to decide what kind of garden we want to make container garden in pots or in container plant is grown in container garden pots or in a container and in vertical garden the plant is planted from top to bottom and like hanging garden or as a traditional in ground garden

2.We should suck the right plant according to the size and climate and sow the seeds after selecting each carefully. 

3.We also have to decide what and where to grow flowers, where to grow vegetables, so look decorative after deciding the type of garden.


4.Always keep watching in the garden Plants may need pruning, harvesting, pests and nutrients and weeds may also need to be removed. 

5.Always remember that excessive pruning can spoil the plant and at the same time we should keep cleaning the weeds, they can also spoil the crops.

 6.Only our hard time zone land can tell the right time to grow any plant, every plant grows differently in different climate and environment. So as a beginner, we should do gardening only after taking care of hard time zone.  

7.Soil is the most important thing in gardening and first of all we should know that the fertility of our garden soil. First we have need to know how to improve the soil, it should also be known how much compost, manure and soil nutrients are added to increase the fertility of the soil   

8.Remember or keep a note of vegetable or any specific plant, in which season the seed should be planted and when it should be harvested.  

9.Never use the same vegetable repeatedly in the same soil and plot for two years, it may reduce the fertility and nutritional value of the soil.

10. You must have the basic tools to start gardening. 

11. As towel which is very useful thing in gardening it can be pitched with right measurement level can be measured for sowing seeds must have tools to remove weeds and unwanted plants and the tools it needs in purning 

12. Morning time is the best time to give water, 2 inches deep water needed to give water to the plants but not the plant which needs less water otherwise, too much water can damage the roots, especially of desert plants. 

13.If the powder of dead bloom or dead flower of the plants is put in the plants, then it is very good for the plants. 

14.Mulching helps a lot in gardening to remove weeds and retain moisture in the soil. Different types of root work for different types of gardeners