Herbal Gardens 
Herbal garden can be grown anywhere in the smallest space with sunlight as in the backyard of the house, like a windows garden and as in any kitchen herbs garden. Herbs are very valuable plants which have some medicinal value of their own, some had been used for salads.Growing herbs is a very fun activity to spend your free time. This can be a very good hobby that teaches you to work together with your family, you can do it with anyone like any of your friends, relatives and parents with their children. Herbs are considered to be a very useful thing for human life, they are not like fruits and vegetables but they have their own value. Herbs dyes, balms, teas have been in use for many years and many simple herbal medicines have been used since ancient times. Herbs are grown not only because of it, but because of that the garden also looks attractive.

Types of Herbal Garden Herbal tea garden
Generally the tea garden is the place where the tea is grown, which is not only enjoyed by the human beings but also the different types of birds. Different types of herbs are planted so that different types of tea can be made from it, some of them are

 Mint is a plant that has many medicinal values ​as well as people like to drink it in tea. Hence mint is an excellent plant to grow in tea garden with medicinal herb.
Catnip can be planted anywhere but it is mostly planted in containers. Catnip and a cat-like plant If you have a cat, then this plant is for you.
 Bee balm
Bee balm is also called Bergamot, it is true that it has been used for making tea for a long time.

Fragrant Herb Garden
Fragrant Herb Garden garden is made for the fragrance of their unique different plants, which gives relaxation to the dim. Different herbs for fragrance are
· Lavender
·  Lemon balm
· Scented Geranium  

Ornamental Herb Garden
  Ornamental Herb Garden is known for its beauty and colors of its flowers on herbs.

Medicinal Herb Garden  
Even if someone does not know anything about gardening, they can still tell that mint, garlic and basil are medicinal herbs and how they can be planted. 

28 Medicinal Herbs are as follow 
  1.  Tulsi.

   2.  Aloe Vera.

   3.  Basil

  4.  Thyme

  5.  Rosemary 

6.    Lavender. 

7.   Calendula

  8.   German Chamomile 

9.  Fenugreek, Methi

10. Sage


12. Globe Artichoke

13. Ashwangandha

14.Bryophyllum, Panfuti 

15. Stevia 

16. Chinese Yum 

17. Echinacea 

18. Siberian Ginseng 

19. The Great Yellow Gentian

 20. Rui 


22. Khus

  23.Vitex Negundo

  24.Sagargota, Bonduc nut

  25. Great Burdock 

26. Sea Buckthorn 

27. Gotu Kola.
28. Tinospora cordifolia          

Medieval Garden is such in which some Medieval Era plants were planted by the monks, who grew flowers, herbs or vegetables here. Although, it is also believed to be Wealthy GardenSome of the main features of Medieval Plants 
In this, the rare and unique plant is planted by making a rectangular square bed in the middle.
Edible plants
Mainly such a plant is planted which is of fruits such aapple, cherry, fig, hazelnut, mulberry, pear and many vegetables.