Organic Pesticides
It is important that homemade natural pesticides should be more because it saves the soil, water and environment as well as good for peoples, animals and nature green products dissolve quickly in the environment and pollute the environment less. Many plants contain a toxin that can be used as a natural organic pesticide, especially plants that belong to the nightshade family like tomatoes that have alkaloid in their steams and leaves and as solanine in the leaves and eyes of potatoes

Vegetable Oil Spray

A homemade spray is made from 1 cup vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon soap and keep in mind that soap should be mild It has a very good effect, taken to eliminate the insects.
Biochemical Biochemical natural pesticides which control pests naturally that also with Non Toxic Mechanism    

Some minded minerals that have a low toxicity can be useful as natural pesticides such as sulfur. Sulfur is a registered organic pesticide    

Soap Spray 
Making garden pesticide is no longer an expensive thing, it can be easily made like soap spray. Horticulture soaps and sprays are a great option for natural pesticides.  
Diatomaceous Earth 
Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder dust that comes from fossilized diatoms that is good to prevent garden from soil-dwelling insects. It is used for making glass and cannot be used for ornamental gardens and edible plants.    

Garlic Spray 
Garlic is known for its distinct aroma which works well for pest repellents as well. Although there is no such proof that garlic is a pest repellent but garlic is a common kitchen ingredient that can be found in the house or anywhere and is very less expensive.    
Microbial pesticide is a type of biological pesticide. Microbial is a biological toxin that is caused by micro-organisms, bacteria or fungi.Microbial pesticide derived from bacteria, fungi like micro organisms.  
Tomato Leaf Spray 
Tomato Leaves Spray is a Best Remedy for Garden Paste Tomato contains a thing called alkaloid which when mixed with water and sprayed can act as pest for plants To make tomato leaf spray, you need fresh tomato leaves, which can also be cut from the bottom plant 2 cups and 2 cups water mix both and keep it all night then you can use it.
Chile Pepper Spray 
Homemade chili spray can be used to remove Pests and Insects but not directly to the fruits and vegetables otherwise they may taste bad. It can't kill pests but it can repel them. 
Many products are made from Neem which is a tree of India, Neem oil made from its bark and seeds is used as natural pesticide. Neem oil is bio-degradable which does not harm plants, animals, fish and birds and it can also be used to prevent many garden pests and inscets.
Tobacco Sprays 
Tobacco and nicotine spray are considered a good remedy for wheat flash, gnats, root and leaf aphids and leaf miners. Homemade tobacco sprays have little effect while commercial nicotine can kill all these insects and pests.