Organic Gardening  
Organic gardening simply means gardening without using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides In this, only the things used in the house are used. Organic gardening is a part of a natural environment that keeps soil, insects, water supply, wildlife and people safe. Believe that food is our need, but it is not right to trouble nature just for our food. Organic Gardening is one way to make your garden healthy and naturally nourishing. Organic gardening encourages manual labor as it does in planting, weeding, and harvesting to ensure physical strength and good exercise. When someone does organic gardening, he has to keep in mind that he has to do his organic gardening in a natural and eco-friendly way. They cannot do any toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides in it, so care has to be taken that the plants get proper water, sunlight and nutrition.It is not only natural or eco-friendly, it also helps in boosting biodiversity.Beneficial insects are used in organic gardening instead of pesticide and this is the best thing about organic gardening. Plants and silt also get damaged by chemical pesticide, so it is used as a beneficial insect in organic gardening such as bats, birds, lizards, toads, and spiders. 

Soil Management​ 
For organic gardening, all three things have to be kept important, the first of which is the soil management which is properly nutrition to the soil. The nutrition to soil is given through organic fertilizers. The second is weed management, which is possible with the help of manual labor and organic ground coverings and lastly, the third is pest control, in which plants are grown by using beneficial insects. 

Benefits of organic

Gardening Reduces pesticide in food

The fruits and veggies obtained from organic gardening are free from chemical pesticides which one can eat without worry because everything is grown naturally and organically in it, then there is no need to worry and now it has also been proved that vegetables and fruits which come from organic farming contain more minerals and nutrients than those which are grown inorganic.

Helps to save the environment
Using Pesticides causes Air pollution, Water Pollution and Soil pollution. When pesticides are used in crops, they contaminate the air in the environment, reduce soil fertility, and when it mixes in water, it harms the small micro-organisms present in the water. Doing organic gardening is an easy and very healthy option    
To reduce the effect of green house

The chemical which is sprayed on the crops in the form of pesticides, together with other impure gases in the environment, is causing global warming. 

Better taste than others
As everyone knows that whatever veggies and fruits you get from organic gardening are very tasty because they grow by doing natural processing 

Helps in saving money
More than half of your expenses can be saved by organic farming Organic Fruits and Veggies Grown in Your Garden You Can Save Money Buying from Rather Than Super Markets Last conclusions here that Organic Gardening is very safe Option for Environment and common people  

Organic Pesticides