Ornamental gardens 

Ornamental Garden is an artist's vision because it would have colors, there would have been works of art and much more. There are many such gardens in history, such as that of Japan Ryoanji Zen garden, Versailles of France and Keukenhof Gardens Netherlands. The plant which we like and we may have planted the same plant we found somewhere around because Ornamental Plant is very common in today's life. It is mostly grown for the purpose of showing off.Many types of plants are planted in the Ornamental Garden, of different sizes, colors and these are applied according to different climates.

Benefits of ornamental plants
 Ornamental plant is a very beautiful looking plant with different colors and sizes of plants which gives relief and peace of mind in this hectic life.
Different types of plants help maintain the foundation of the soil.
With different types of flora, the garden itself looks beautiful, which gives stress relief and concentration.
It is used to increase climate humidity and air purification in the environment of a variety of plant species

  Flower farming and floriculture both mean the same thing to decorate the landscape by cultivating flowers for commercial purposes or getting to sell these flowers. There is a huge industry for cut flowers which is known as cut flower industry. And then usually these cut flowers are either made into bouquets or they are sold in bunches.

Types of Ornamental Plants  

Desert roses

Desert Rose is a very easy to plant and very easy to maintain plant. It has many kind of hybrid plant, as the most famous of the body is pink and white trumpet shape flower.


Lavender is such a plant which is not only a colorful plant but also gives a good smell. Lavender is such a plant which is not only a colorful plant but also gives a good smell.


Marigold is a plant that comes in many colors such as red, yellow and orange. Marigold needs patience to grow as it takes a long time to grow and grows till late summer.


Lilies are very beautiful and lovely flowers which are one of the ornamental plants. If someone is fond of planting ornamental plants, then he must plant these plants.


Tulip is a spring blooming flower that is usually large and found in many vibrant colors such as yellow, red and white. 

Silver Nerve Plant

Silver nerve plant, which is a plant of dark green color and it is believed that it remains green always. 


Fiber Optic Grass

Fiber Optic Grass Plant which is one of the Ornamental Plant it mainly comes from Sedge Family. This is a plant of summer season.

Snake plant

Snake Plant is also called Mother in Law Tongue. This plant can go up to a meter, so we should plant it in such a strong pot. It has many variants like.