Kitchen Gardens or vegetable Garden

It is very important to stay healthy and it is necessary to take bread, pulses, rice and fresh vegitbale and fruits in right quantity. In which the most important thing is to eat fresh vegitbale and fruits which can easily be found in vegitbale garden
The pleasure of growing your own food with your own hands, there is no happiness after doing it and yes it's healthy too. Kitchen Garden is also known as vegitbale Plot and vegitbale Patch, in which Flowering Plants can also be grown along with vegitbale
Don't worry about space, there are many ways to make your own kitchen garden in small space. And with the help of many other tricks in the kitchen garden, many varieties of crops can be grown in the smallest space.

Benefits of Kitchen Garden

Fresh vegitables and herbs devoid of harmful chemicals or pesticides.
The kitchen garden is a very healthy way in which the whole family gets health and a physical activity.
Household waste items such as dirty water, sweeping water and kitchen scraps can be reused in the kitchen garden
Due to kitchen gardening, the surrounding air is also improved.
With the help of kitchen garden, expenses are reduced in fruits and vegitbale.

Soil for kitchen Garden

The first and most important thing that is soil is the whole of the food chain. If plants are to be kept away from diseases and to grow nutritive, then it is necessary that the soil should be good. The soil for kitchen garden can be made at home 50% soil and 50% compost household manure compost made from household waste vegitbale  waste, eggshells and tea can be used instead of throwing them 

Maintain the kitchen garden      

First of all, all the plants have a different ascendant and each plant has a different humility and if they are planted together, they will not grow in a good way.     

Pruning is another way to maintain the plant, in which dried and damaged leaves are cut so that new leaves can come in their place. Pruning helps plants grow healthier and faster.. 

Ideas for Kitchen Garden
Hanging or vertical garden
It is not necessary that only flowering plants should be grown hanging or planted vertically. vegitbale can also be planted in this way.
Small herbs used in salads can be grown in a small space, such as cilantro, mint, basil leaves, which are green all the time.
There are many such plants which can be planted by hanging them in pots instead of growing in the ground below as with Tumbling Tomatoes, Strawberries.
Old French Potager
Potager is one such way of gardening in which not only ornamental plant can be grown but many vegitables can also be grown which are also used for food. Potager is mainly used for growing vegitbale. This is an ancient French way of growing vegitables. In the olden times it was used to grow medicinal plants and herbs, but now it is used to grow  vegitbale.

Vegitables for kitchen Garden

Benefits of vegietable grown at home

Health benefits of Fruits and Vegetable